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It's almost the year 2017 now. Can we help you with your Office 365 hybrid deployment training? In 2017 there is so much to think about regarding office 365 training, including office 365 hybrid deployment training, office 365 deployment training, and much more! This blog post will focus on mainly one concept of office 365 training, and that would be office 365 hybrid training.

A few things that might be good to think about now, include:

Active Driectory Federation Services
Hybrid Exchange
Email Archiving in Office 365 and SharePoint Server 2016.

Need hands on server installation experience of an Office 365 deployment? What about understanding Lync Server in an enterprise enviornment including ADFS, Dirsync, Lync Online, Exchange Hybrid server, and SharePoint Online.

This is a must-understand concept. An end to end understanding of the deployment aspects that are needed to deploy Office 365 in a hybrid manner are crucial to information technology success with Microsoft Office 365 products!

Preparing your infrastructure for Office 365 hybrid deployment training is just one part of the puzzle. Is your organization ready for Office 365 Enterprise?

It is essential to know the sequence of steps. FastTrack deployment is one way, and there are also other ways that could work too. Deployment advisors for Office 365, for instance, is also another way to get up and running.

Office 365 is a web application that has multiple requirements and objectives at certain times and circumstances. When you are able to truly get your own hardware and software prepared to integrate with Office 365, then you may be ready, but sometimes, the best office 365 hybrid training allows you to ask just a few more questions that are relevant regarding the custom deployment and itegration of office 365 services.

Here are some more items for your office 365 hybrid training checklist:

Network connectivity verification.

other connectivity checks and integration checks.

iteration and agile development.

ready checks.

office compatibility.

directory preparation (e.g. your on-premises directory).

Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS).

AAD Connect Advisor.

Azure AD Premium.


Automatic checks on your directory to make sure accounts sync across the network.

Exchange Server Large Item Script

Deployment wizards: Office 365 services.

Office 365 success center.

and much more! These are just some of the resources related to office 365 hybrid training, office 365 deployment training, and other key aspects. We will maybe revisit office 365 training concepts in a future blog post!

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